Pattaya Ladyboys

Spotting A Thai Ladyboy.


At times, all is not as it seems and sometimes the ever so sexy girl turns out to be an ever so sexy guy.
These are the ladyboys or Katoeys as they are known locally. Most of the long time stayers in Pattaya have developed a reasonably well trained eye when it comes to spotting these transexuals. For the newcomer there are a few tips how to spot them:

Height - when you see a very tall, long limbed Thai girl in a bar or disco, think twice.

The Adams apple is a dead giveaway but many ladyboys have an operation to shave it down, which makes this check-point somewhat unreliable but girls don’t have them, not ever.

Oversized feet - Thai girls usually have fairly small feet Large hands - Male hands are impossible to change, some ladyboys have small hands, but in general large hands are a giveaway

Does the Jaw look male – Can be surgically reshaped but surgery is still expensive.
Large forearms - women’s forearms are far more dainty than a man’s

Too much makeup. Thai girls generally wear very little if any makeup.

Big broad shoulders – Men's shoulders are usually square and larger than the rest of the body so these are usually a dead giveaway. Women are very slight in built.

She looks too good to be true - If the girl is tall and beautiful and is NOT a model then it’s a good bet she is a ladyboy. - Ladyboys work very hard to make themselves as beautiful as possible, even going to the length of having surgery done. Eyes, lips, breasts, and even the cut and tuck, though from all accounts most katoeys are cross dressers without the final surgery.

Does she have a penis? Dead give-away. Lots of ladyboys will go for a grope of your crotch shortly after meeting you and this is the perfect chance for you to return the favour.

Lady boys tend to have an exhibitionist nature so they love to have people look at them whereas Thai girls are usually more shy (unless drunk). There's often an exaggerated swing of the hips of a ladyboy to compensate for the fact that their hips aren't as wide as they should be

Finally, take a look at her friends. Ladyboys tend to run and hunt in packs. If her group of friend are sus, she would have to be sus too.

Good luck to you and you could always ask her but that will often just a get a squeaky voice answer of " I AM LADY, I AM LADY"